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  • Sex
    13 items


    13 items

    Despite the accessibility of erotica, audiences still seek out the more substantial approaches to sex that only narrative cinema can offer. Here you’ll find the full array, from provocative avant-garde explorations of lust and desire to the saucy sex comedy.

  • Period & History

    14 items

    Breathing new life into history, this collection contains all of the drama, passion, and delightful costumes that one would come to expect with premium British period cinema.

  • Black Stories

    9 items

    Tackling issues of race, representation and identity, this collection celebrates the work of Black storytellers who have enriched our understanding of the Black British experience, including landmark features such as Horace Ové's Pressure (1975) and Menelik Shabazz's Burning an Illusion (1981).

  • Cult Classics

    17 items

    Ultimately a collection of the unclassifiable, these original and ground-breaking cult classics exude pure style however obscure, offbeat or controversial.

  • Sci-Fi & Horror

    22 items

    From chilling gothic horror to strange dystopian worlds this collection showcases Britain’s historic tradition of creating genre defining sci-fi and horror. Discover films unafraid to explore themes of genetic engineering, inter dimensions and the occult.

  • Action & Adventure

    16 items

    Marvel at the spectacle of an action-packed adventure and discover classic tales of discovery as our heroes embark on inspired journeys to unfamiliar places... and beyond.

  • Free Cinema

    4 items

    The Free Cinema movement films were 'free' in the sense that they were made outside the framework of the film industry, and that their statements were entirely personal. Mostly funded by the BFI's Experimental Film Fund, they featured ordinary, mostly working-class people at work and play, displa...

  • Thriller & Mystery

    19 items

    Agatha Christie put Britain on the map as the premiere destination for mystery solving thrillers. Here we see her work next to other marvellous interpretations of the genre, some dark and brooding, and others bordering the experimental. One thing is for sure, plenty of deception, and in some case...

  • Ealing Comedy

    1 item

    A collection of films celebrating one of Britain's most iconic film studios loaded with unmistakeable British humour. From the eccentric to the whimsical, often with a dark nature, Ealing Studios became synonymous with the comedies they produced, regularly featuring one of Britain’s most notable ...

  • Humphrey Jennings

    4 items

    Widely considered one of Britain’s greatest documentary filmmakers, Humphrey Jennings has long been critically acclaimed for films which beautifully evoke everyday heroism in times of war and peace. Combining poetic observation and humanism with a subtle yet intense national feeling that is also ...

  • At Last the 1948 Show

    4 items

    This ground-breaking, splendidly silly and surreal comedy sketch series, written and performed by John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Marty Feldman, was a major milestone on the road to Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Each surviving episode is presented in this definitive collection ...

  • Before They Were Famous

    21 items

    This assorted collection gathers the early roles of some of the most famous British stars of film and TV before they hit the big time and became household names. From bright young stars in comedy to astounding breakthrough performances and memorable direction, they each offer a thrilling glimpse ...

  • Great British Icons

    12 items

    Enjoy some of the finest actors of the silver screen who gave us countless unforgettable performances over rich and illustrious careers.

  • Woman with a movie camera

    11 items

    From pre-war to the present-day women have always directed movies, and these remarkable examples by Margaret Tait, Laura Mulvey, Sally Potter and more showcase the breadth and diversity of women’s invaluable contribution to cinema.

  • Do Not Adjust Your Set

    4 items

    Innovative madcap comedy sketch show that quickly acquired a cult following in the Swinging Sixties. Written by and starring Michael Palin, Terry Jones and Eric Idle, it also provided an early showcase for the hilarious animations of Terry Gilliam. Each surviving episode is presented in this defi...

  • Great Directors

    12 items

    British cinema has produced some of the most acclaimed directors in film history, from those such aas Alfred Hitchcock who found great success at home and in Hollywood, to those who forged distinctive bodies of work in Britain along, such as Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. The filmmakers c...

  • Britons in Battle

    12 items

    British cinema has a tradition of making extraordinary war films, be it fighting the war in Europe, Africa, or on the home front. An array of well-known and plucky tales, these battling Brits pack a punch.

  • London on Film

    20 items

    Since the beginnings of cinema London has proved irresistible to filmmakers. This collection is an eclectic celebration of Britain’s capital on film, highlighting that while London is, and always has been in a state of constant change, it also has a great sense of continuity. Presenting the capit...

  • Based on the book...

    11 items

    The best film adaptations can capture the mood of the original or completely reimagine the stories in their transition to the big screen. Enthralling literary works by Agatha Christie Joseph Conrad, Alexandre Dumas, Graham Greene and more inspired these great films.

  • Crime & Punishment

    23 items

    Explore this gripping selection of films packed with paranoia and conspiracy, with inescapably brilliant performances from some of Britain’s best loved stars, come and traverse the underside of British cinema.

  • British Classics

    10 items

    The best and brightest of British cinema, from established classics to new favourites, this collection of landmark British films includes timeless masterpieces, bold social commentary and biting satire.

  • Flipside
    15 items


    15 items

    A collection dedicated to the rediscovery and reappraisal of cult British films that might otherwise be forgotten; with every title a fuller understanding of British cinema emerges. Out from the shadows of history, these films offer an exciting exploration into an alternative British cinema.

    14 items


    14 items

    Showcasing landmark portraits of LGBTQIA+ lives, alongside some of the best queer Brit films ever made, we celebrate with this collection of LGBTQIA+ classics and treasures.

  • Most Popular Films 2022

    2 items

    The classics that cut through in 2022